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The key to luxury service is instilling the core value of personalizing the guest’s interaction with the property to ensure they feel as if they are the only guest at the client’s property—we specialize in assisting you to bring your level of service to your guest’s standards. Through our 5 step program STEPP (Standards, Training, Elite, Policies, Protocols), we create a customized 5-star style service program for your property. Listed are a few services we provide.

  • Consulting your Staff on the key to luxury service
  • Emphasizing the value of guest satisfaction
  • Creating policies for the importance of a clean, sanitized, and disinfected environment for guests
  • Design operational and procedural policies that embody a luxury style of hospitality service
  • A Customized 5-star style service program based on your individual business plan
  • Employee training and on-site operational meetings when needed

“In hospitality, the guest’s perception is your reality.”

Our Philosophy

A  new rebranding puts a huge emphasis on service and the guest’s experience of that service.

Invest in the product but also invest in the culture. Create loyalty, and the family feeling you are looking for, by investing in your employees.

It’s easy to buy a shiny new faucet to make a guest go “ ahhhh” but it takes more work and more time to get the employee to make the guest go  “ahhhh”

Take care of your employee, they will take care of your asset.

Debra A. Shinn

The founder of Shinn Consulting

Debra Shinn, principal consultant at Shinn Consulting began her luxury hotel service career at the esteemed Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, California. It is natural that Shinn would be drawn to Sedona, Arizona 30 years later given its popularity to visitors and luxury home buyers from around the world. USA Today named Sedona AZ “The Most Beautiful Place on Earth,”

Shinn’s accomplishments throughout her 30-year career in the hospitality industry provide her with the necessary skills to elevate any luxury property to 5-star status.

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What They’re Saying

You could not have a better leader than Debra Shinn at Shinn Hospitality Consulting.

Wendy McPhersonMenlo Park Housing Commissioner

In the design and planning of Ambiente, an entirely new hotel concept for North America, there are so very many details and points of contact that need to be carefully thought out. Debra's attention to detail and her willingness to jump right in and contribute her years of expertise and knowledge are invaluable. She has so many great ideas that will help any hotel executive fine tune operations so that everything is absolutely seamless in providing an extraordinary guest experience! We highly recommend Shinn Consulting for any hotelier!

Jennifer MayAmbiente – A Landscape Hotel

We felt Debra was the face of Seven Canyons. She made it 5 star and our home away from home.

Karen GlazierVillas at Seven Canyons Owner

Debra did an excellent job of ensuring that our Villas at Seven Canyons Association performed at the highest standard of customer service and worked to develop an exemplary team of individuals to ensure first in class. Debra instituted the highest of standards and protocols at Seven Canyons that provided the platform for this Association’s success and worked diligently with all levels of operations to make certain that no detail was missed. Debra was also critical in working with our vendors to appoint the finest quality of furniture, appliances and décor in our Villas so that our owners could relax in luxury while enjoying the magnificent scenery. In closing, I highly recommend Debra Shinn; she would be an asset to any organization.

Stacy MauleChief Operating Officer, Community Asset Management, dba HOAMCO

We were an amazing team that accomplished huge feats at your direction. Our success hinged on your vision and leadership and I am so proud and honored to be a part of the success of that property.

Gregg SlonigerChief Engineer, Villas at Seven Canyons

Shinn Consulting has been a valuable resource for our company. Debra Shinn provided a subjective view of our operation and staff. She showed us how to increase our bottom line through analytics. She recommended minor changes to improve our guest experience and increase our income. I would highly recommend engaging with Shinn Consulting to enhance your operation.
Kudos to Shinn Consulting!

Dharmesh VoraOwner, Lantern Light Inn

Just wanted to share this with y’all just in case y’all don’t get to see all reviews that are posted. My wife and I really are thankful for the experience y’all helped to provide and the generosity y’all showed us. She stays on me about being nicer to people with attitudes in the service industry, but my experiences have led me to expect the worst in people I suppose. Nevertheless, y’all showed me that they’re still a little hope in the world. Thank y’all for everything!!

Guest reviewSedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

“Debra is a dream to work with and we certainly benefited from her decades of 5 star hospitality experience. Not only is she professional, connected and knowledgeable, she is easy going and fun. Her suggestions were easy to implement and tailored just for our unique business.“

Ginger MackenzieOwner of Vino Zona Sedona and Vino Zona Jerome

“Debra is not only dedicated to development and growth of individuals in the industry, but also prosperity of the economic environment.”

Ali KasikciPresident/CEO Bentley Management, Inc

Debra’s knowledge and understanding of the Sedona hospitality market has been very helpful in our approach to our new development in town. Her experience in both running local hotels and acting as a consultant is second to none. We have adjusted our planning with her perspective on what the market is looking for. We are thankful for our relationship with her.

Robert D. OlsonPresident, RD Olson Development, Newport Beach, CA